Tae Jung Kim's Book Release
11. Feb. 2015




Paperback: 266 pages
Published by Gallery Mee, 2015
ISBN 13: 978-89-93114-15-7
Language: English/Chinese/Korean
Dimensions: 22cm x 29cm

    >>Revolutional Evolutionist

       Tae Jung Kim

       Gallery Mee publications 

    To celebrate the 38th anniversary,

    GALLERY MEE published Tae Jung Kim’s 280 pages

    book in January 2015 which showcases

    his lifelong commitment to art.

    The book is available in

    English, Chinese, and Korean

    to increase its global reach.


    Copies of the book

    will be shared with fine

    museums and galleries around the world


    Tae Jung Kim, 77, is a painter, calligrapher and essayist.

    Inspired by Chinese primitive shell character,

    he used it to create exceptional contemporary art.

    He will go down as a revolutionary artist in Korean art history.