Lee Ji Song
Laundry 2012 C-print diasec 70 x 40cm ED 7 # 2

이지송 Ji Song Lee (1946-) 

1946  Born in Seoul

Graduated from Fine Art Department of Hongik University


1972-2000: Started working in commercial production and directed many well-known commercials in various commercial production companies.

2012:  debuted as a video artist with a short film, titled <1/75”>, in Jeonju Film Festival

        <1/75”>, <Laundry: the color of life>, Busan Biennale

        <Everything is built by the mind>, 915 Industry Gallery

        <Everything is built by the mind>, Gallery Synn

        <Laundry: making a painting>, 437 Gallery

2013:  <Haechal: dynamic>, Lee C Gallery

        <Haechal: stillness>, Trunk Gallery 81

2014:  <The travel report: The way>, a studio in Apgujeongdong

<Hello>, Happy Window Komo, organized by Art Center Nabi

<Laundry>, group show titled ‘The Light of Creation’, The City Museum of Art of Busan, 

2015:  <Let’s have a fun in Nonhyeondong>, Weart Gallery

Artist’s note


The Color of Life

Whenever I visit New York, I usually go to a Laundromat on every weekend to do my laundry.

It is quite big and well-equipped. 

There are washing machines on one side and drying machine on the other side. Some bring a pack of laundry and put their clothes into the washing machines and some take them out and put them into the drying machines and others sit and wait until their laundry is done. The scene looks quite busy, yet it is more of a waiting game.

All kinds of immigrants are living in New York. The colors of clothes for laundry vary based on their ethnic origins and their living districts. 

Since I have been there so many times, now I can quite easily figure out what kind of ethnic origins they have if I see their clothes for laundry and I can even guess what kind of clothes may come out from their packs if I see their faces. A close relationship between their lives and their laundry becomes visible.

The family items for laundry are put into the washing machine. They could be a father’s, a mother’s and children’s or they could be blankets or sheets, etc. Once they start spinning inside the washing machine, their shapes become blurred and only their colors remain visible. 

Their identities collapse and only colors keep spinning. 

All of sudden, some thoughts occur to me.

“ Being blended, thus it is beautiful”

“Being blended, therefore there is no I”