Jae Kon Park
박재곤 1937-1993
Life & Root, 137 x 137 cm, Oil on Canvas, 1992

박재곤 (1937 – 1993)

1937  대구 출생 

1972 - 1990  남미 아르헨티나 부에노스 아이레스 정착  

1990  한국 귀국 


1960  서울대학교 미술대학 회화과 졸업 

주요 개인전 

2010  박재곤 유작전, 갤러리 미, 서울 

2008  박재곤 유작전 ‘미스테리오’, 국립현대미술관, 과천, 서울 

(전시 기간: 2008. 12.12 ~ 2009. 3.1)

1992  국립 미술관 초대전, 아르헨티나 

1989  그로리치 화랑, 서울 

1989  맥향화랑 초대전, 대구 

1985  갤러리 수던, 아르헨티나 

1983  갤러리 라 플라타, 아르헨티나

1978  살롱 방코 이탈리아, 아르헨티나 

1977  갤러리 라 팜파, 아르헨티나 

1976  갤러리 에담, 브라질 

1974  살롱 콘 아순시온, 파라과이 

1963  문화공보관 화랑, 대구 

주요 단체전

2010  KIAF, 화랑미술제, 서울 

1980  살롱 아카데미아전, 스웨덴 

1979  제 4회 라틴아메리카 비엔날레, 페루 

1976  제 2회 라틴아메리카 비엔날레, 칠레 

1974  라틴아메리카 현대미술축제, 브라질 

주요 작품소장

대구미술관, 대구

서울시립미술관, 서울 

한국민속촌미술관, 용인

대백미술관, 대구  

(주)동양섬유, 경기도 

갤러리 미, 서울 

기타 VIP 개인소장 다수 

Jae Kon, Park (1937 – 1993)

Selected Biography 

1937  Born in Daegu, Korea

1960  Graduated from College of Fine Art, Seoul National University

1972 - 1990  Settlement in Buenos Aires, Argentina 

1990  Returning to Korea 

Selected Solo Exhibition

2010  Posthumous Exhibition, Gallery Mee, Seoul, Korea 

2008  MISTERIO, Jae Kon Park, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea 

1992  Invited Exhibition, The National Museum of Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

1989  Gallery Grorich, Seoul, Korea

1989  Gallery Maekhang, Daegu, Korea 

1985  Gallery Soudan, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

1983  Gallery la Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

1978  Salon Banco Italia, Mal del Plata, Argentina

1977  Gallery la Pampar, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

1976  Gallery etam, Sao Paulo, Brazil 

1974  Salon Coln Asuncion, Paraguay

1963  National Information Center, Daegu, Korea 

Selected Group Exhibition

1980  Salon Academia de Uppsala, Sweden

1979  The 4th Bienal de Latino Americano, Lima, Peru

1976  The 2nd Bienal de Latino Americano, Santiago, Chile

1974  Latin America Contemporary Art Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Selected Collection

Daegu Museum, Daegu, Korea

Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

Korean Folk Museum, Yongin, Korea

Debec Art Museum, Daegu, Korea

Dongyang Textile Company, Gyeonggi

Gallery Mee , Seoul, Korea 

* Artist Note by Artist Jae Kon Park 

나의 작품을 이루는 데 작용하는 주 동기는 우리 개개인의 영혼 속에 존재하고 있는 인류의 신성한과 속세를 원형 속에 담고 있는 무한정 깊은 만다라의 세계가 아닌가 싶다. 

끊임없이 자아를 완성하고자 하는 과정에서의 삶, 근본적으로 상응되는 사실들을 화해시킴과 자신을 실현시키려는 욕망의 삶, 이런 것들을 작품 속에 표현하고 싶다.

* Art Critique about Artist Jae Kon Park 

Alberto Collazo, The member of Paris International association of critics

What Jae Kon Park’s art works make us attracted to them lies in an encounter of a human being and Latin American culture and search process to find common roots between the two. Through his direct experience with the ancient culture of Latin America and associations with innumerable  local people, he was able to discover the mysterious world and look for the coinciding part between the Latin American and Eastern culture. His hands-on experience was only possible by traveling around the countries in Latin America and settlement in Argentina. This novel and unique human environment has become an enormous inspiration to his artistic world. 

Throughout the journey as an artist as well as a person, Jae Kon Park could witness crossing points between his Korean origin and the ancient culture of Latin America. These characteristics are a reconfirmation that his artistic world is based on the universality of human kind surpassing time and space. We can glimpse his anguishes in ‘Mystery Series’ and ‘America Series’. In those two themed series, he carefully altered painting methodology for painterly expression. In addition to a rice paddle he had normally used for oil painting, he also used brushes for enhancing the painting technique. This exquisite mindfulness makes his art work more remarkable.

I believe the echoes from Jae Kon Park’s first exhibition in Buenos Aires are a combination of impression and sensation of the universal images.